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Our vision

Since 2014 it has been part of our vision for the crowned Miss to support the charity of her choosing. The charity can be from Second Life or a new to bring to Second Life. Helping those who need it the most is part of our duty.


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Years of experience

About Us

Miss Globe Universal Charity Foundation was started by the Founder/Owner Rose Athena Mikaelson with the first Co-Partner JewelOfDeNiel (Miss Globe Universal 2015). Both ladies set out to build a foundation not just for Jewel during her reign but for the future Misses to.

Athena Blackwood


Nola Hellershanks

Co-Coordinator 2017-2019 Events For Parkinsons


Miss Globe Universal 2015 1st Co-Partner T.R.O.F

Amity Sorbet

Miss Globe Universal 2016 1st Co-Partner FFL

Charity and helping others are important parts of her life. She always has an open ear ready to listen and jumps at the chance to assist when she's called upon to do so. She believes strongly in a cause and enjoys doing whatever she can to support it.”

Amity Sorbet – Miss Globe Universal 2016

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If you would like to partner with us for fundraising purposes leave us a message and will get back to you.

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