Rouge University is back after being on hiatus for a while. In that time we have completely revamped our school criteria. Our passion is to teach new and experienced models to help them take their skills to another level. Knowledge is power, the more you learn the more you will benefit as a model.

We welcome model students who would like to receive the most educating education to further their career. Our instructors are not only experienced but know the in’s and out’s of the industry in each category. We will help you take that first step to become a professional model or an advanced model.

How to Apply for the School [Application]

  • The application is available on our website only. We ask important questions from potential future students and this will help us determine if you will be accepted or not. Do be advised we accept only serious new students. It does not matter what level you are we teach everyone here of all levels.
  • All accepted students must have group space available. The student group tag will allow students to enter the school. Unwanted guests will be automatically booted and banned by the security system. We take our University and protection seriously.
  • This new semester is for the Basic Modeling Classes. We will offer Advanced Modeling Classes in the future. Keep an eye out also for other special new classes in the works for future students. School cost for the Basic Modeling Classes is L$10,000.
  • All students are treated equally here. No one is above the other. Treat others in how you would want to be treated. This includes respecting the instructors at this school. They are here to help you and become a better you.
  • The schedule will be given to students only. It is the students job to confirm what day and time they are coming to class. It is also important to keep track of progress. Each class will be taught once or twice depending on the number of students.
  • What we teach in class is for your eyes and ears only. Anyone caught committing cheating, lying, scamming, stealing, copyright infringement, bashing of any kind and any harassment will result in a block, reported and banned from our company. We do not play around and we are proud to be a tough school.

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