What is Miss Globe Universal?
Miss Globe Universal is an annual pageant held every new year. It was founded on July 2014 and the first pageant started on December 2014. Our location is in the United States and the company was founded by Rose Mikaelson. Our motto is “Inspiring. Daring. Different.”.

The purpose of the pageant is to empower women from all over the world. Build the confidence they need in order to do their absolute best and help build careers. This pageant challenges all models in every way and helps them discover new things. The journey is long but it’s only the beginning. We appreciate and value our contestants.

How many months from the application to finals?
Major pageants are usually 5 to 6 months. If you plan on entering you can not have anything else scheduled during the duration of the pageant. Becoming a candidate and staying as a candidate is hard work. Miss Globe Universal 2020 will be held from May to September. All events are on the weekends and rehearsals is weekday (with various hours).

What is the selection process?
In order to enter Miss Globe Universal 2020 visit our homepage. The guide is below the main photograph. Follow the easy step by step process to enter. Make sure to bookmark the website.

What is the process for Country titles?
Since we started we always believed in all candidates representing the countries they live in, have lived in the past, part of their family tree or heritage. The question is asked in the application. When filling out this question you must write from first to last (maximum 5 choices).

What are the prizes?
The selection of the prizes change every year but some prizes do stay the same. This includes The Crown Jewel (Named after Miss Globe Universal 2015), The Princess Gabie (Named after Miss Globe Universal Argentina 2019 – 1st Runner Up), the sashes, flowers, and benefits related to The Rouge Organization. For more information click here.

Who can become a candidate?
Anyone can become a candidate so as long they are female. Must be an adult and 21+ in RL. No underage or underage looking avatars allowed.

Where are the runway challenge held?
We will not be holding challenges anymore in our pageant. The Rouge Organization has created a new system for Miss Globe Universal marking a new era for the pageantry world.

Where are the finals held?
The finals of Miss Globe Universal are held at The Royal Theater. Many candidates, judges and guests have been lucky to step into this beautiful theater. Finals are invite only and the region is closed to the public.

Who is part of the staff roster?
Rose Mikaelson, Gabie Meads, and Fae Bell are the only people considered staff members. The current Miss Globe Universal is not considered staff but a title holder.

Is it an investment to participate?
Yes, it is an investment to participate. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Pageants are not free. It is hard work being a candidate. Set a budget for yourself before entering.

Are you transparent on the voting?
Yes, we are and always have been since 2014. The candidates will get to view their full score sheet on a private protected page. The public will get to view the short version of the score sheet. The judges names on the scoresheets will be hidden for privacy protection.

Can a candidate lose votes?
Yes, a candidate can lose votes. It is usually for serious reasons that is related to a rule or condition in the contract. If this does happen it will be noted on the voting spreadsheet.

Do candidates receive feedback?
We have improved our system for giving feedback. Before it was optional for a judge to write feedback. Now it will be required for a judge to write feedback in all the events from the application to the finales. The feedback will not be public knowledge. This is for the candidates only.

Do candidates know anything in advance?
The only piece of information candidates know in advance is the schedule and audition theme. Nothing else is given or shown in advance.

Do I need to be a Professional Model working in the fashion industry?
No, you do not need to be a Professional Model to compete in Miss Globe Universal. You do not need to be in the fashion industry to compete ether.

Do I need to be tall and slim to enter?
It does not matter what you look like. We accept women all of shapes and heights. No discrimination of any type is allowed in our company. All women are equal.

Is talent or skills required?
Yes, talent and skills are required. This is a pageant after all. A candidate uses her talent and skills throughout the pageant. It only makes her stronger and grows her knowledge.

Is there a full schedule?
Yes, there is a full schedule in which has been created in advance. We strongly recommend checking the schedule before entering the pageant. We do not and will not adjust the schedule for anyone.

Is there a candidate and winner contract?
Yes, there is a candidate and winner contract. Both contracts are updated every year and very professional. The purpose of a contract is to the protect the company and it lets a candidate know what is required. For the first time there is an Entry Rules/Condition contract applicants must sign.

Can the winner or runner up’s compete again?
The winner of Miss Globe Universal is not allowed to compete again. The runners up can compete again but must skip one year.

What makes Miss Globe Universal different?
This is an important question many answer differently in each company. What really makes a pageant company different is the people behind the scenes. How events are organized, candidates are treated, the experience for the candidates, the opportunities given during or after the pageant has long ended and more.

Ask yourself, do you want to stay true to yourself no matter who you are or what you look like. Then we promise you this is the place for you to grow, learn, open doors and much more. No matter if you are a student, designer, blogger, photographer, artist, builder or even a veteran model. Everyone is equal here. Just good old fashion hard work and earning your way.

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