Hello everyone! Thank you for being here at the Miss Globe Universal finale. We are about to crown the next Miss Globe Universal. Thus, it is with both sadness and happiness that I give my last speech as Miss Globe Universal 2016.

This past year has been unforgettable. I was drawn into the world of Miss Globe Universal in early 2016 and haven’t looked back. Despite having been in SL for 7 years, entering the Miss Royalty pageant led to many firsts: my first time winning a pageant, my first time as a pageant judge, my first time becoming the face of a brand, my first time hosting a charity event and my first time working in the management of an agency.

Participating in Miss Globe Universal opened so many doors for me and I’ll be forever grateful to those who made it happen. I’m especially grateful to Rose for seeing my potential since winning the title, giving me opportunities to grow and becoming one of my best friends in the process.

I might cease to be the reigning Miss Globe Universal but you’re never getting rid of me, Rose! Thank you for standing by my side and being the voice of optimism through thick and thin. And also thank you for the “Daring Queen” gown by Athena Couture that I’m wearing today.

During the last 12 months I’ve been involved in several charities. For my charity project as Miss Globe Universal we put together ‘Miles of Memories,” a shopping, entertainment and fashion event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. We raised and donated almost $1,000USD. It was especially poignant because the donations went to the Alzheimer’s Association chapter in my home state of Vermont. We had great designers participate and the models were fantastic. Rose was instrumental in helping me get it off the ground.

I was also invited by Rose to assist with Fashion For Life to benefit Relay for Life. It was the first time for me to assist with an established charity project in SL. I appreciate that I got the chance to do that. It never would have happened without Miss Globe Universal.

I’d like to state what it means to be Miss Globe Universal. It is of course a topic that is naturally near and dear to my heart. It takes a great deal of effort to fully embody this role both inwardly and outwardly.

Miss Globe Universal, through it all, is someone who remains true to herself. There is no fa├žade; she is genuine on every level and is kind to everyone. She never places herself above others. She recognizes the talent in herself and other people. She is deeply humble and gracious. When given instructions, she doesn’t question them and does exactly what is asked. She is articulate in her written and spoken communication. Miss Globe Universal realizes that everything in life takes hard work and she is driven to do whatever it takes to do a good job.

In terms of fashion, she can mix and match and is confident in her personal brand and way of styling. Every pose flows from one to the next and she can tell a vivid story while on the runway. Modeling is an important part of her life but she makes time for other endeavors.

Charity and helping others are important parts of her life. She always has an open ear ready to listen and jumps at the chance to assist when she’s called upon to do so. She believes strongly in a cause and enjoys doing whatever she can to support it.

There is much more I could say about what it takes to be Miss Globe Universal, but I suppose that this is a title which will continue to evolve. It will be slightly different with each new queen yet the essence remains the same. It may seem to be a lot to live up to but I’m confident the next winner will excel.

Thank you all for giving your time, attention and support. It has been an honor to reign as your Miss Globe Universal.

Congratulations and good luck to our contestants! Thank you!

Miss Globe Universal 2016 Charity