Title History

Throughout Second Life pageant history the country and title process was done in only one way. This was because the organizations found it as the easiest way to get this part of the process over with quickly. It went on for a long time until we opened our doors. Rose wanted to figure out a new and original way for delegates. After a two year trail during the 2015 and 2016 pageants she figured out the new and improved system. 

Since then all delegates have represented the countries they have actually wanted. This makes us all happy and here is how it works.

  • A Contender can select the country they live in.
  • A Contender can select a country they lived in the past.
  • A Contender can select a country that is part of their family heritage.  
  • A country data base with over 100+ countries to select from.
  • No random country selections are allowed.
  • No first come/first serve basis. 
  • The selection is done after all the Delegates are selected.
  • The Official List is revealed to Delegates before the public announcement. 

**We better not catch other organizations copying our system for your own benefit then claim to people it’s your system. We have caught people in the past and we DO NOT stand for it.**


Runners Up

North & South America



Middle East Caribbean

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