Competition Process


All future Contenders must read the Miss Globe Universal rules. These rules serve as a contract if you pass to Audition. Contenders will sign a new contract after becoming Official Delegates. 


Must have group space for two groups. The first group is the public group for Miss Globe Universal in Second Life. All news will be sent through notices.

Only Official Delegates are invited to Miss Globe Universal Organization private group.

Apply 2022

The Application to enter Miss Globe Universal is below. Follow the guide and good luck! For any questions contact a team member.

After Applying

Entrants who pass to audition will receive an updated title of Miss Globe Universal ♕ Contender (MGU ♕ Contender). Must update group tag.

Features to follow


The 2022 Season Schedule. Our schedule will not be adjusted for anyone. Read carefully before entering.

Countries and Titles

If you would like to read our history of how this process started and has changed over the years click here.


Translate our website without having to go through any extra hassle. On the right top corner we have listed over 50+ languages. Select the flag + countries of your choice. Our website will refresh with your chosen language.


The guideline the Committee is required to use in order to vote. We have various categories through the competition. Private versions will be available for delegates.


The guide to the most common questions asked by future contenders. These questions have been collected and answered through years of experience.

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